Moving? Wireless customers can easily book
an equipment move to the new address.

RUSH Network
by Ursula Dietrichsen

When moving, we know you have many things to do and think about. We'd like to tick one of those to-do's off your list.

If you're an existing wireless internet customer and wish to move your equipment to a new address within our coverage area, our team can assist with a hassle-free equipment move. The WIRUlink wireless equipment may not be removed by customers. One of our trained technicians needs to do the move for you to ensure that all equipment is removed, reïnstalled, configured and tested properly.

How it works:

The sooner you book your equipment move with us, the sooner we can get it installed at the new home or business address to ensure that you are online by the time you move in.

  • Send an email, or WhatsApp to your WIRUlink Account Executive, to inform them of your relocation. If you can't recall who this is, we'll find out for you. Call us on 010 595 0000.
  • Your Account Executive will then do a coverage check for your new address to make sure our wireless services are available in that area. You will also be provided with an Equipment Move brochure that explains the process, costs and Terms & Conditions.
  • After a successful desktop remote coverage feasibility an Equipment Move Application link will be sent to you by your Account Executive.
  • Once you have sent us the completed Equipment Move Application form and our Accounts Department confirmed receiving the proof of payment, we'll schedule a date and time for removal of equipment at the old address and installation at the new address by our friendly team

Free equipment move for customers on our old Lite, Supreme and Advanced packages

If you have an existing Lite, Supreme or Advanced wireless internet package and you're busy relocating, you can book an equipment move with WIRUlink free of charge, when upgrading to one of our new Unreal, Express or Professional packages (powered by the RUSH Network) before you move. The package options are available at

For more information or to book your move, download the WIRUlink Equipment Move brochure here.

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