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Operating since 2008, WIRUlink is known for building, monitoring, operating and maintaining one of the most advanced Fixed Wireless networks in South Africa. The network and equipment are fully owned and managed by WIRUlink, and there is no reliance on third-party networks. The company prides itself in being the first fixed wireless provider to offer affordable uncapped wireless at speeds of up to 100Mbps on a point-to-multipoint connection.

Management’s hands-on approach and daily involvement ensure that WIRUlink continuously develop new solutions and adapt the network as industry and customer demands change and technology advances. Our staff’s commitment to and love for the business ensure that you always receive exceptional and personal service.

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  • WIRUlink strives to establish itself at the forefront of the telecommunication industry and as the preferred service provider in South Africa.
  • We want to have a positive influence on millions of people’s lives, including our staff, suppliers and customers.
  • We strive to set an example to all South Africans on how to operate a successful and sustainable business while acting with integrity and honesty.


  • Our mission is to ensure an exceptional experience throughout the customer journey. This is achieved by a conscious focus on a customer-centric approach as well as a continuous evolution of technology and service offering. Our objective is to meet the current and future telecommunication needs for everyone, from homes to businesses of all sizes.
  • Our products and services are designed to meet changing market demands, supported by our experienced and qualified management team that is guided by our company’s core values and successful track record.
  • The company’s core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization. These guiding principles develop a culture within WIRUlink that differentiates us from the rest of the market.



We are willing to go the extra mile to create an extraordinary customer experience. We look for solutions to customer problems rather than excuses. We drive a culture where the customer comes first by listening to the "voice of the customer" (i.e. customer expectations, experience, feedback, needs, requirements).


We strive to continuously improve our services, develop new skills, remain relevant and better our work flow, so to not fall into a comfort zone or become stagnant. Not being faultless, but rather remain humble and have the courage to make bold decisions. We show resilience in tough times, learn from past experiences, and show ethical character.


We believe that integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Having the self-discipline and conscience to make the correct choices, regardless of the circumstances. We are committed to always speak the truth, state the facts and provide our honest opinion. We don’t believe in concepts such as "half a truth" or a "white lie". We believe in honesty, being sincere, authentic and true.


We perform as individuals, but we will only succeed as a team. Every single employee makes a contribution to the WIRUlink team effort by "pulling their weight", offering assistance and fostering a "One Team" culture. We do not blame one another, but rather work together in delivering excellent customer service by taking ownership and assuming responsibility.


We are driven by passion and optimism. We love what we do! Our passion is evident in the quality of service and work we deliver, as well as the manner, process and attitude in which it is done. We are enthusiastic about the future, and are optimistic about things to come.


We promote innovation and embrace change. We play a crucial role in innovating the workplace, solutions, market and the industry as a whole to remain relevant. Innovation is finding new solutions to current and future needs. It is the process of translating an idea or invention into an agile product or service that creates value for the consumer. We have a positive attitude towards an ever-changing world. We focus on managing and appreciating change, rather than resisting it.


We strive towards having an unselfish concern for others (e.g. colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders); putting their needs before our own, within all reasonable boundaries. We believe in the personal growth and development of others, making a contribution towards skills development and upliftment. We are humble. We celebrate our successes but always remember where we have come from. We are willing to listen and open to learn from others. We acknowledge our weaknesses, while being confident in our strengths.

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WIRUlink is a licensed telecommunications service provider using the latest wireless and fibre technologies to offer data and voice services to businesses and homes in South Africa...
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