7 Essential Apps and Tech for busy parents

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By: Sashe-Leigh Padiachy

In the 21st Century, parenting comes with its own unique challenges. This ever-evolving “full-time” position often involves juggling multiple responsibilities that appear out of nowhere each day, while still trying to make the most of your already limited time. While nothing can fully prepare you for deadlines and diapers, we're fortunate to have many apps and technology available that can empower us to navigate parenthood with greater ease and efficiency.

Figuring out which Apps are right for you

Finding the right apps can be a little tricky since there are so many out there. As a starting point, consider what specific areas or aspects of your life you need assistance with. Do you want an app for productivity, parenting in general, health, finance or something else? A great tip is to look for apps and technology that are highly recommended and widely used by other moms and dads while also paying attention to the ratings and feedback. This will give you a sense of how well an app meets a user’s expectations.

Here are the recommended Apps and Tech for the 21st Century parent

From mobile apps for time management and organisation to home automation systems that streamline household chores, here are the recommended and essential apps and tech that every busy parent should have in their “virtual toolkit”.

1. Cozi Family Organiser: For Schedules and Household Duties

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Schedules are key to being productive in the 21st Century, they help you manage your time, increase focus, set clear goals, and prioritise tasks. Of all the scheduling apps out there, this one is definitely one of our favorites when it comes to household duties. It helps you manage family schedules, to-do lists, grocery lists and so much more. It also allows you to sync calendars, set reminders, and share information with your family members.

2. Mint Finance App: Managing Finances Made Easy

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Staying on top of your finances is essential for any busy parent. A finance app can help you track your financial goals, optimise your spending and automate routine tasks. Mint is a personal finance app that helps you track your expenses, create budgets, and manage your finances more efficiently. It allows you to see all your accounts in one place, set financial goals, and get reminders for bill payments.

3. Todoist Task Manager: Stay Organised

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Task management apps provide structure, organisation, collaboration, and visibility to your tasks, allowing you to effectively manage your workload, prioritise and track task progress. When it comes to improving your task management, Todoist is the go-to app. You can create task lists, set due dates, and receive reminders. It's a useful tool for managing both personal and work-related tasks, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

4. Smart Home Technology: Enhance Productivity at Home

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Definitely one of the less utilised methods of at-home productivity - Smart Home Technology. From voice control appliances to monitoring capabilities, smart home technology can help you save time, reduce manual effort and allow you to focus on what matters most. Embracing smart home devices like smart speakers (e.g. Google Nest), smart thermostats, and smart security cameras can make your life as a parent easier. You can use voice commands to control various functions, such as playing music, adjusting the temperature, or checking the live feed from security cameras.

5. Yummly Meal Planning: Simplify Mealtime

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With deadlines piling up, the last thing you want to worry about is meal prepping and grocery shopping. Simplify mealtimes by using apps that provide recipe ideas, grocery lists, and meal-planning features. A good starter app to use is Yummly, which provides easy recipe ideas, meal planning and so much more. This app helps you free up mental space and time so that you can focus on other important family tasks and activities.

6. Bark Parental Control: Ensure Online Safety for Your Kids

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You can never be too careful when it comes to your children's online safety. Bark is a parental control app that helps you monitor and manage your kids' internet and device usage, block inappropriate content, and set screen time limits.

7. Reliable and Fast Internet: Choose the Best Internet Provider

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The perfect compliment to any parent’s virtual toolbox is choosing the best internet service provider. WIRUlink offers a top-tier internet service that guarantees a reliable and fast connection. With our advanced infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, you can count on us to provide you with a stable and high-speed internet connection that meets the demands of any busy lifestyle. Check for coverage in your area or contact our friendly team at sales@wiru.co.za or call 010 595 0000.


As a busy parent, leveraging the apps and technology available can significantly enhance your productivity and help you maintain a better work-life balance. With the right combination of time and consistency, you will be able to see the benefits of embracing these ‘tools’ and enjoy more quality time with your family. And always remember, while apps and technological tools can aid you in effectively managing your responsibilities, the most essential tool at your disposal as a busy parent will forever be your presence and undivided attention.

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