28East and RUSH Network
integration a major milestone
for SA’s Telco industry.

28East and RUSH Network integration a major milestone for SA’s Telco industry
By: Ursula Dietrichsen

In a significant move that signals a major milestone in the South African telecommunications and software industries, RUSH Network and 28East have announced their partnership. The collaboration brings together both companies' expertise and innovative technologies to create a unique solution for Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”). By integrating RUSH Network's API with 28East's interactive map-powered applications, the partnership aims to provide a new level of service and drive the industry forward.

Marius van der Merwe

We at 28East are thrilled to have joined forces with the RUSH Network and are eager to extend this new capability to all of our Internet Service Provider customers. Our partnership with the RUSH Network marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide innovative and reliable network solutions for the digital landscape of Africa.


Marius van der Merwe
Managing Director of 28East

28East is a leading software company that specializes in developing white-labelled, Google Maps Platform-powered applications designed for Fibre and Wireless Network Operators (xNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Their innovative cloud platform is designed to determine whether a potential customer connection, to any one of multiple Network Operators, is feasible. This efficient system makes it easy to quickly identify the best and all available network options that can be offered to a potential customer, saving ISPs valuable time and resources.

Find out more about 28East here

Partnership paves way for improved internet access in rural communities

This groundbreaking alliance will revolutionise the way South African ISPs provide coverage in rural areas, bridging the WiFi gap and offering cutting-edge connectivity solutions to communities that have been previously overlooked.

RUSH Network is rapidly expanding its open access fixed wireless coverage to new areas, with Bloemfontein being the next of many major cities to receive its services. The network currently covers a total population of over 12 million, including 1.2 million businesses and 4 million homes.

Cost-effective expansion opportunity for ISPs

Marius van der Merwe

Our partnership with 28East offers ISPs a cost-effective and efficient way to expand their reach and enter new markets without requiring separate system integrations between the ISP and the RUSH Network.


Riaan Maree
Chief Technical Officer of The RUSH Network.

As demand for high-speed internet continues to grow in Africa, RUSH Network presents a powerful solution that enables ISPs to meet this demand with greater affordability and reliability.

In addition, the RUSH Network's installation process is an excellent advantage for ISPs. With installations taking only five working days from the time of order, ISPs can swiftly and effectively onboard new customers onto their network. In some cases, when a certified installer is available nearby, the installation can even take place on the same day the order is received

ISPs using the RUSH Network experience increased reliability with the multiple carrier-grade backhauls and power backup solutions provided by the network. This means that subscribers can enjoy a more stable and secure connection, with minimal downtime.

Read more about the RUSH Network here

The entire solution is managed and maintained by 28East, ensuring data accuracy and up-to-date information. The company will work closely with the RUSH Network's network planners to confirm the application backend is fed with the latest network planning and coverage data.

To start experiencing the benefits of RUSH Network and 28East's partnership, contact 28East today and request to switch on RUSH Network coverage. With a frictionless onboarding experience, this innovative solution will revolutionise the way ISPs provide coverage in rural areas and offer cutting-edge connectivity solutions to communities that have been previously overlooked.

Contact 28East at info@28east.co.za or call 011 966 8046. You can also visit their website at www.28East.co.za to learn more.

Visit our website at https://www.wiru.co.za/coverage to check if fibre is available in your area. For more information or assistance, contact us on 010 595 0000 or sales@wiru.co.za.

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