Fault Reporting & Escalation Procedure

This document is intended to be used as a guide to the WIRUlink fault reporting and escalation procedures and target response and resolution times. WIRUlink reserves to change this document at any time without notice. If any further information or explanation is required, kindly contact the Helpdesk by sending an email to support@wiru.co.za or calling 010 595 0000.

Definition of terms

Customer: The end-user using the service or the WIRUlink reseller/wholesaler offering the WIRUlink service to the end-user.

Trouble Ticket: A Support Call logged by the Customer, WIRUlink staff or WIRUlink automated monitoring system and may be a fault which is being reported or a request for a change in the service being offered.

Helpdesk Hours: The WIRUlink Helpdesk is operated from 7am until 11pm, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Onsite Hours: The WIRUlink onsite field teams operate from 7:30am until 17h30pm, weekdays, excluding public holidays.

Three (3) levels of escalations are defined below and these levels are managed internally by the WIRUlink technical team. To escalate an incident after expiration of the agreed time-line, a Customer may report the incident or fault to the Helpdesk Service Manager. If the response received from the Helpdesk Service Manager is not satisfactory then the Technical Operations Manager may be contacted via phone or email.

Different Helpdesk Hours and Onsite Hours are defined for response times and resolutions.

Fault Severity Definitions

The severity of a Trouble Ticket indicates the impact of the logged Trouble Ticket on the Customer’s daily operations. The severity is determined by the Customer at the time the Trouble Ticket is logged. Response and resolutions times vary according to the severity associated with the Trouble Ticket. The following classifications apply to Trouble Tickets:

Severity Definition
1 Critical outage. Production service is down with critical impact the Customer’s operational processes.
2 Fault or outage causing degradation of performance such that the Customer’s normal operational processes are retarded or hampered.
3 Change request or fault with minimal or no impact on the Customer’s operational processes.


Fault Reporting and Escalation contact details

All faults related to WIRUlink services should be reported immediately to the WIRUlink Helpdesk by logging a trouble ticket at the relevant severity level. Upon evaluation of the reported Trouble Ticket, or throughout the course of responding to the logged Trouble Ticket, WIRUlink may reclassify the severity based upon this evaluation. All fault reports should be made directly to WIRUlink’s Helpdesk through the following methods ONLY.

Fault Reporting / Log new Trouble Ticket


When contacting the WIRUlink Helpdesk, the Customer is requested to provide the following information to ensure efficient and proper handling of the trouble ticket:

  • Customer Account ID
  • Name, Company Name, Email address and Contact telephone number(s)
  • Full description of the problem, including all supporting information available (e.g. screenshots).

Check resolution progress on existing Trouble Ticket

  • Online: http://support.wiru.co.za
  • Email: By replying to the last email received from the WIRUlink Trouble Ticketing System
  • Phone: 010 595 0000 (existing logged Trouble Ticket/Call reference number required)

Escalation after agreed response/resolution time-line lapsed

Escalation and Resolution Times

Escalation and Resolution Times are measured from the time the fault is logged for 1st- and 2nd-Level Helpdesk Trouble Tickets. Escalation and Resolution Times are measured from the time the fault has been escalated to Field Teams where onsite support is required. Different Escalation and Resolution Times are defined for each Trouble Ticket Severity:

Severity 1st-Level Helpdesk (1) 2nd-Level Helpdesk (1) Field Team (2)
3 8 hrs from logged 16 hrs from logged 5 days from escalation
2 4 hrs from logged 8 hrs from logged 2 days from escalation
1 1 hr from logged 2 hrs from logged 1 day from escalation
(1) Measured during Helpdesk Hours
(2) Measured during Onsite Hours
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